Gone Postal goes IndieGoGo

Director Jay Galione and Producer Sheila Dvorak have launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to raise $50,000 to complete Gone Postal: The Documentary.  Our partnership with Fiscal Sponsor Fractured Atlas makes your donation tax-deductible!

We need your help!  Please visit our IndieGoGo Campaign page today to select your reward and make your  donation.

Visit our IndieGoGo Campaign to Donate:

Gone Postal TitleOUR CAMPAIGN:

I’m Jay Galione, a filmmaker and the son of a postal worker.  My feature length directorial debut, Gone Postal, tells the personal story of my father, a postal clerk of 30 years who was harassed, threatened, and fired for standing up for his fellow employees.

Gone Postal is more than a documentary film about what’s happening inside the Postal Service, it’s a critical part of the movement to Save The People’s Post Office.  Kept in the dark for too long, we have stood by as the Postal Service is stolen out from under us.  We are up against the trillion-dollar mail industry and its politicians who are privatizing our Postal Service in order to raise prices and lower wages.  Now postal workers and activists are fighting back.

But the only way to reclaim our historic and public communication service is to educate, motivate, and inspire the American people. We must defend what’s ours before it’s gone. That’s why we need to release this film now!

  • To STOP the Sale of properties paid for by taxpayers.
  • To STOP the shift from living wage to low wage jobs.
  • To PROTECT our universal, affordable access to communicate from every corner of the country.

Sheila Dvorak is a filmmaker and activist whose narrative and documentary films have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and screened in theatres nationwide.

Jay and Sheila believe the story they will tell in Gone Postal is needed to catalyze the public and save the Post Office.

Why We Need Your Support

Our goal of $50,000 will allow us to finish Gone Postal.  This story cannot be told without viewer support. Making your tax-deductible contribution is like buying your ticket now. You can reserve your DVD, a signed movie poster, earn a “special thanks” in the credits and more. By becoming a supporter, you’re saying, “I want this film to be made.”

Your donation will pay for:

  • Video & Music Clearances and Licensing – Including News and Archival Footage, and music for the soundtrack.
  • Expanding the Team – Our tiny, dedicated, volunteer staff is seeking to grow to include Graphic Designers, Composers, Editors, Music Supervisors and Video Clearance Specialists.
  • Finishing Costs – Color Correcting, Sound Mixing, and HD Mastering
  • Film Festival Submission and Exhibition Costs – Bringing you the story!
  • Legal Fees

The Impact

We are in a race to complete and release Gone Postal before the USPS is a thing of the past. The more we raise, the sooner we’ll release it and the more people we will reach. We are counting on all of the people that value the Post Office and Postal Workers in their community to come together to raise our goal of $50,000. Every small donation counts!

Other Ways You Can Help

Just because you can’t contribute financially, doesn’t mean you can’t help!

  • We need your help to get the word out. Tell EVERYONE and ANYONE about this movie.
  • Do you know a Postal worker? Someone who sends cards for birthdays and holidays? Someone who relies on mail delivery for business or medical needs?
  •  LET THEM KNOW we need their support!
  • Share this IndieGoGo Campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Write someone special a letter or postcard asking them to pitch in.