Gone Postal captures NALC Convention Highlights in New Video

Director Jay Galione and Producer Sheila Dvorak traveled to Philadelphia last week and captured the action at the NALC letter carrier convention in Philadelphia. They were on site to meet letter carriers and galvanize support for Gone Postal:The Documentary. That didn’t stop Jay from taking out his camera to cover the Stop Staples March and Rally on July 23rd, and the Solidarity Rally on July 24th where Letter Carriers joined the protesting Metropolitan Carpenter’s Union, which has been locked out of work taking place at the convention center.  Check out the highlights in this new video, and contribute today by visiting our IndieGoGo campaign page at www.gonepostalfilm.com/trailer.


Blue Stone Press – Gone Postal: documentary lens on USPS

Gone Postal: documentary lens on USPS

Anne Pyburn Craig
BSP Reporter

It’s no exaggeration to say that the U.S. Postal Service is under attack. A Google News search for “post office closing” returns over 53,000 results: hours being cut, branches being shuttered, irate residents protesting closure plans or wringing their hands over the loss of their local PO.
Post offices are community centers of sorts, where you can pick up the latest news and gossip along with your mail and see a friendly face or three. Post offices, along with libraries, are a place where we are treated not just as consumers, but as citizens. The U.S. Postal Service was established in the Constitution.

Rosendale filmmakers focus on USPS

Rosendale filmmakers focus on USPS

Useful and beloved as they may be, post offices are dropping like flies: in Mumford, Texas, on Starlight Lake Road in Pennsylvania, on Rt. 7 near Albany. Locally, the closing of the mail-processing center in Newburgh added a day or two to delivery times, as mail now needs to be routed through Albany.
A privatization deal struck to allow office supply mega-mart Staples to carry out many postal functions means mail being handled by $8 an hour employees rather than sworn civil servants in 1,500 locations; although Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe swears no jobs will be cut and no post offices closed as a result of the pilot program, it doesn’t seem to be holding true on the ground.

How to fight back? Rosendale filmmaker Jay Galione, whose father was a postal clerk for 30 years, has teamed up with fellow filmmaker Sheila Dvorak to make Gone Postal, a feature-length documentary and work of unabashed advocacy that exposes the untold stories, from what might have made a postal worker snap to how Congressional manipulation has set the USPS up for failure and privatization. The BlueStone Press spoke to the filmmakers about their project.
BSP: Beyond Jay’s dad, how did you locate former postal employees who would speak out? Were current ones afraid or forbidden to do so? In your trailer, I see one interviewee with his face blurred; I’m guessing that might be someone who still works there?
SD & JG: You’re right; it wasn’t easy finding workers who were willing to talk to us. Most postal workers fear their jobs are at stake if they speak out. We started our search online, finding workers who had written books and articles and were not afraid of talking publicly about the problems inside. Once we found these activists, they connected us with other workers across the country who trusted us with their stories. In North Carolina, when mail carrier Steve Spencer killed himself at the post office, his friends and coworkers felt it was too important to keep quiet and gave candid, emotional interviews.

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Voices at Work on KPFT Houston 90.1 – Interview with Jay Galione

On Friday June 27th Jay Galione was a guest on Voices At Work on KPFT Houston 90.1 Pacifica Radio. Guest host and former Letter Carrier Gordon Anderson interviews Jay Galione about Gone Postal: The Documentary. If you missed it live, listen to the interview here. It begins with an introduction, the 4 minute trailer, followed by the interview with Jay.